DCM / Wireless Charging



  • Link Air Bag、 G-sensor
  • Can communicate to custom service center to ask for Vehicle GPS location and report emergency situation
  • When accident occurs, the system can call CSC automatically
  • Connecting to Central Control Center system
  • Customized car signal detection such as BCM signals
  • When the vehicle is shocking, or is being towed, the system will send SMS to the driver


  • Wireless Charging Module (WCM), which USES electromagnetic induction to transfer energy to mobile devices.
  • The designed lighting effect shows the current state of the module in the appearance, and the mobile phone can be charged by induction without positioning within the induction range, with an efficiency of more than 60%, and a number of protection mechanisms including OVP, OCP, OTP and FOD to avoid disasters.
  • Wireless charging conforms to WPC standard (wpc-qi V1.2.3), has the communication capability of CAN Bus(option), supports samsung's flash charging of 10W, and Apple's quick charging of 7.5w.